About company

Why Choose Us?

ANTESK has been operating in Sakhalin since 2015. We pay great attention to improving the efficiency of rapidly erected buildings. We design and build frameless and frame hangars, awning structures, modular buildings, we manufacture a carriage house. We build rotational camps at the optimal time for customers

Our successes!

Over the years, our company has built more than 30 structures and performed three labor-intensive renovations. Among our facilities: car washes, warehouses, sports complexes, shopping centers, car services and other structures for various purposes.

Our principles.

We value professionalism and attract construction industry experts to our team. Your facility will be carefully designed by engineers of Stroy Angar Plus LLC, taking into account all operational features, loads and climate.


We are members of the SRO in the field of construction.


Help with solving issues in the field of industrial construction.
Whether it is agricultural, industrial or commercial construction, construction of hangars, prefabricated houses, sports or industrial premises - we accompany the client at every stage of the project.